IS your widget library cutting it?

Adding yet another widget library to Axure won't make you a superhero. If you're looking for that stuff this isn't for you.

This is a system to arm you with real-life UX Superpowers. A comprehensive set of widget libraries and an ebook to train you to work effectively.

Only proceed if you'd like to be able to deliver your work within 20% of the time it currently takes you.

What's included?

Everything you need to deliver your work in minutes.

You can look inside every widget library and template to get a sneak peek of what you'll be getting.

Are you fed up with working like a robot on your UX projects?

It’s not that you don’t have the skills, but the looming deadlines and the ever-increasing requirements are difficult to overcome.

And that's not all. It gets worse.

The more hours you put in, the more exhausted you get. At times, you feel like a zombie churning out wireframes. You rush through your day with only a 5 minutes break to realize that you pissed yourself.

There is a better way.

How about you learn to deliver what they want within 20% of the time it took you in the past?

How about you get the tools that make your work super easy?

How about you get into the mindset of the most effective people in the industry and deliver without working your socks off?

How about you do this while you stay healthy, take it easy and go slow?

It is possible. And I'm here to show you how.

"Fantastic product.. I love it.. I’m not a UX expert and the format saves me a ton of time when I’m consolidating client wireframes & user journeys etc. great job.”

– Steve Wrigley, Digital Consultant

Learn to Work Effectively Rather Than Efficiently

I was making the same mistakes over and over again when I was employed as a UX Designer. I was very efficient, but I wasn't very effective.

Being effective means selectively doing those things that will get the job done with the least amount of effort. Efficiency means doing a certain task in the most economic fashion.

In my ebook, I'll show you how to identify what you really need to do to and what you don't, how to handle company politics, and how to be extremely productive.

It's a no-brainer.

Widgets will help you that much, but tricking the system will get you to the finish line in record time.

You can either look for yet another widget library and drag and drop your brains out, or you can learn how the most productive people in the industry deliver results by knowing the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW.

Look inside the ebook below. This sample includes different parts of the ebook to show you what you'll learn.

"Common Sense UX is the proverbial cornucopia of widgets for UX designers. The collection of widgets covers the gamut that a UX designer will face. It enables me to quickly create and revise designs that capture the wishes and needs of my users.

I'd also like to recognize the superb quality of the designs as well as the incredible personal support I've received. Finally I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the captivating book by Barnabas Nagy, the guy behind Common Sense UX, which provides his common sense (pun intended!) view of design and living. Common Sense UX is a terrific value that has helped me be more productive while creating designs I'm proud of."

– Craig Harrington, Usability Expert and UX Designer

Save Time So That You Can Focus on the User

Create wireframes and prototypes in minutes with ready-made drag & drop widgets.

This is how it works - see it on video

See how you can make use of the widgets in a real life situation (Video 3:48 minutes)

00:00 - 01:08 Installation
01:09 - 02:10 Finding a widget library
02:11 - 03:48 Using the widgets

“Using the Common Sense UX, Axure tools has definitely cut down on the time it takes me to do my work. On a recent job that required a basic shopping cart, I was able to quickly assemble a straight forward set of wireframes, requiring very little modification. Simply put – your Axure tools are f&^king amazing!

– Dave Fleming, Director of Customer Experience, Ideashare Paradigm, LLC

Present Your Work Using Visually Appealing Templates

Templates that will make your work look polished and ready for presentation.

Featured in

"For me, the best things in the product are related with presenting the information to stakeholders and high level documentation: structure, personas, journeys, flows...

I worked with this last week and the result is awesome. I think most of the problems of a UX designer sometimes are not related with the wireframes themselves, but the "meta documentation" over them." Good work!

– David Contreras,
UX Designer

Who's Behind All This?

I’m Barnabas Nagy, an entrepreneur, author and user experience designer who loves providing solutions to problems that people face in their everyday lives.

I've worked as a freelance UX designer in London on projects like Land Rover, Monsoon, Oracle, Shell, and T-Mobile.

When I’m not working I fish rivers, play the guitar, play table tennis or work in my homestead.

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You know you want to.

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How do I add a widget library to Axure?
Good question. Please see this video, which will explain it.

Will it work with Axure 7?
Yes, all files are compatible with Axure 7.

What file format will I get?
You will get .rp and .rplib (Axure) files archived into zip files.

Will I get updates?
Yes, lifetime updates are included in all purchases.

Is my payment secure?
I use Gumroad's secure online payment system. You can read about their security statement here.