UX Persona Template for Axure

axure-persona-template-jamie-screenshotWith this ux persona template you’ll evoke empathy in people, it’s so life-like. It will make you work faster. You’ll love it and never want to return to the old way of doing personas again.

Templates: 3     Axure: v7.0+




Included UX Persona Template

Persona template


Persona template


Persona template

What the experts say


AndrewMaier1_100x100“The “complex speech bubble personas” and the “big brother prototype/wireframe” are the most intriguing to me. There’s really nothing like them …and that’s a good thing!”

- Andrew Maier, Co-founder of UX Booth


susan_weinschenk_100x100“I think these are really great. Now that I’ve seen them it’s hard to understand why the UX community hasn’t come up with this before.”

- Susan Weinschenk, Founder of the User Experience Institute, Author


jakub_linowski_100x100“Super! All ideas could definitely benefit others and look fresh.”

- Jakub Linowski, Founder of the Wireframes Magazine



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