Are you fed up working like a robot on your UX projects?

It’s not that you don’t have the skills but the looming deadlines and the ever increasing requirements are difficult to satisfy.

UX Superpowers

So what then? Resign?

I think you can adapt to the situation.
Learn to work 20x faster with the right tools and with the right tactics.

Yes, there are tools that can make you work that much faster. You also need to know how people work especially your Project Manager and Stakeholders. I guess you’ve noticed, apart from the users they are the ultimate and immediate people you need to satisfy.

I’m not saying to lower your standard and be an a** licker.
I’m saying to care for the user more than ever, but also, respect your own time and sanity. Because unfortunately PM’s and Stakeholders won’t.

With the right insights and the right tools you can satisfy them, and do your work better than ever. Plus create freetime you didn’t have before and keep your sanity.


Dave Fleming“Using the Common Sense UX, Axure tools has definitely cut down on the time it takes me to do my work. On a recent job that required a basic shopping cart, I was able to quickly assemble a straight forward set of wireframes, requiring very little modification. Simply put – your Axure tools are f&^king amazing!”

– Dave Fleming, Director of Customer Experience, Ideashare Paradigm, LLC










Get UX Superpowers. Get The Freetime You’ve Always Wanted.

With the right tools you can get UX done 20x faster* – and get praise for it.




Some of the companies that use these tools:

blastradiusrazorfishloweproferotimeincpusherprotectyourbubble mediaoceanimi kanjoya havasworldwidesoundhound flaxworks epinomy copious cbs amaze aim troweprice towerone suburb  rp3  notatallstrange













Surf the net more often


Learn at work


Work on your side projects


Get longer coffee breaks


Or get whatever you need time for – you know what that is.


Steve WrigleyFantastic product.. I love it.. I’m not a UX expert and the format saves me a ton of time when I’m consolidating client wireframes & user journeys etc. great job.

– Steve Wrigley, Digital Consultant






 … and growing.

Lifetime unlimited access.


A tool-set that will make you get work done like superman.

  • Product Landing Page Widgets Library
  • Product Listing Page Widgets Library
  • Product Detail Page Widgets Library
  • Checkout Widgets Library
  • Comments Widgets Library
  • Reviews Widgets Library
  • Avatars Widgets Library
  • facebook brand timeline Widgets Library
  • facebook newsfeed Widgets Library
  • facebook user timeline Widgets Library
  • facebook mobile app brand timeline Widgets Library
  • Header Widgets Library
  • Breadcrumbs Widgets Library
  • Tabs Widgets Library
  • Pagination Widgets Library
  • Footer Widgets Library
  • Buttons Widgets Library
  • Labels cirlcle Widgets Library
  • Labels round Widgets Library
  • Tags Widgets Library
  • Ads Widgets Library
  • Alerts Widgets Library
  • Calendar Widgets Library
  • Charts Widgets Library
  • Forms Widgets Library
  • Overlays Widgets Library
  • Video Widgets Library
  • Icons Widgets Library
  • Start page Template
  • Persona Templates
  • User Journey Templates
  • Sitemap Template
  • Wireframe Template

+ a book in the making full of insights from a fellow UX designer.


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Andrew Maier“The “complex speech bubble personas” and the “big brother prototype/wireframe” are the most intriguing to me. There’s really nothing like them …and that’s a good thing!”

– Andrew Maier, Co-founder of UX Booth

Susan Weinschenk“I think these are really great. Now that I’ve seen them it’s hard to understand why the UX community hasn’t come up with this before.”

– Susan Weinschenk, Author of Neuro Web Design

Jakub Linowski“Super! All ideas could definitely benefit others and look fresh.”

– Jakub Linowski, Founder of the Wireframes Magazine





Axure WidgetsI’m Barnabas Nagy, an entrepreneur, author and user experience designer who loves providing solutions to problems that people face in their everyday lives. I’ve been working as a UX consultant in London for various high profile digital agencies working on projects like Budget, Avis, Land Rover, Monsoon, Accessorize, Oracle, Shell, Orange, T-Mobile, EE and Lego.

When I’m not working I fish the rivers, play the guitar, play table tennis or munching chili Hungarian sausage with home made bread and paprika.




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How do I add a widget library to Axure?

Good question. Please see this video which will explain.

Will it work with Axure 7?

Yes, all files are compatible with Axure 7.

What file format will I get?

You will get .rp and .rplib (Axure) files archived into zip files.

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Yes, lifetime updates are included in all purchases.

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*Based on my own work speed in Axure – which is quite fast.