Wireframe Template for Axure

axure-wireframes-template-screenshotWith this wireframe template your personas sit right inside your wireframes (acting as the panel of jury), reminding you all along. You’ll love it and never want to return to the old way of doing wireframes again.

Templates: 1     Axure: v7.0+



Included Wireframe Template

Wireframe template

What The Experts Say


AndrewMaier1_100x100“The “complex speech bubble personas” and the “big brother prototype/wireframe” are the most intriguing to me. There’s really nothing like them …and that’s a good thing!”

- Andrew Maier, Co-founder of UX Booth


susan_weinschenk_100x100“I think these are really great. Now that I’ve seen them it’s hard to understand why the UX community hasn’t come up with this before.”

- Susan Weinschenk, Founder of the User Experience Institute, Author


jakub_linowski_100x100“Super! All ideas could definitely benefit others and look fresh.”

- Jakub Linowski, Founder of the Wireframes Magazine



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